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FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Winter - Spring 2020


DONALD ARCHER is a lifelong Californian living in Cambria. He earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Santa Barbara in 1969, and followed that with ten years of teaching art before becoming a full-time painter. 

In addition to many solo and group exhibitions in public museums and commercial galleries, Donald participates in selected fine art festivals along the west coast. He is an emeritus member of The Oak Group, 26 plein-air painters committed to recording and preserving the natural beauty of California. His work is included in public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Donald’s paintings have been featured in American Artist magazine and Southwest Art magazine, as well as in six books.

"The light and space of California, the monumentality of its landscape, have left an indelible mark on my work.

"I grow younger and more passionate about painting each year that passes, particularly since reaching my 60s. 

"For me, painting is a continuum of a long tradition of discoveries, not just of the visual world but of life itself. I am grateful for those who came before me and paved the way for my journey."


FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Winter - Spring 2020


JORDAN QUINTERO is a native Californian living in Los Osos. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking at UC Santa Cruz in 2005. His experience of the last 20 years enriches his understanding and work as an artist:  musician, event producer, installation artist, live painter and gallery curator. He is especially concerned with ideas of "Nature" and "the Natural". In his most recent work, organic forms, objects and visual spaces move from chaos to order and back, exploring this tension as a metaphor for human interaction with and control of nature, questioning what is lost as wildness becomes civilized, and what might be gained as the peculiarly human expands.

"The branching canopy, the root structure, the density of material expression in a painting or a building, the organic development of form and structure in the biological world, the mythic-dramaturgical strings that compose the net of being in our lives and in our minds––these are the things that we must understand, that we must accept, that we must value, if we are going to survive, as a species. This work is an homage to the appearance of the world, its continual becoming, its miraculous existence, and I hope that it can create for you an awareness of this, the preciousness of your life, the serendipity of our paths crossing, the significance of the echo and of laughter, the irretrievable splendor of the real, the ineffable persistence of imagination, the undeniable of connection of everything with everything else."


FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Winter - Spring 2020


KURT WALDO is a California artist living in Los Osos. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Printmaking and Painting at California State University, Chico, in 1977. 

Many designers have used his work as the perfect accent to include in midcentury modern homes. He has fulfilled commissions for many residential and office spaces, including two pieces created for the boardroom of the Theatrical Union of New York City. His work has been exhibited in Central Coast venues from Santa Barbara up to the San Luis Obispo Art Museum.

"My style is not unlike the Abstract Expressionists of the 50s and 60s. I see it as a kind of "frozen gesture", a frozen moment of time. It's the end result of a process of addition and subtraction; shapes shifting from one form to another, color moving and changing across the surface, texture and pattern, coming and going.

"It's like I'm having a conversation with the paper I have before me. I add layers and layers to my work . . . each layer weaving in and out, back and forth, from one to  another. The trick is to know when to stop!"


FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Spring - Summer 2020


PAGE GRAEBER is a California artist living in Paso Robles. She earned her degree in Motion Picture and Television Arts from Chouinard Art Institute.

Graeber's path has taken her from television art director, advertising agency owner, college painting instructor, newspaper advertising director, to guest lecturer at USC's Business Women's West, '83 conference. While living in Laguna Beach, California, Graeber was juried into the Laguna Beach Art Association and her  fine art painting started to develop.

Moving to Paso Robles in 1990, she became involved in the local art scene. She has won many awards, including Best of Show in several exhibits. She has also served as an officer in several art associations, while continuing to paint and serve as a mentor to artists.

"My work is a projection of my personality."


FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Spring - Summer 2020


GREG SIMMONS is a California artist living in Atascadero. 

He is a contemporary realist painter currently composing a series of closeup landscapes of the Central Coast, intertwining still life of reflective and transparent objects.

Travel has fundamental to his development as an artists. Living in Hawaii for a short period at age eighteen opened his eyes fo adventure and life's possibilities. Immersion in other cultures and observation of artists from Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand inluenced his luminous detailed glazing technique with acrylics.

His background in commercial art, advertising, and dental ceramics ha allows him to define his creative work with detail and precision. In summer of 2001, he moved to the Central Coast to paint full-time with complete dedication. He has participated in group and solo shows. His works are included in numerous private and public collections.


FEATURED LOCAL ARTIST: Spring - Summer 2020


LORI SLATER is a California artist living in Cambria.  She earned her BA in Art Studio from UC Santa Barbara in 1981.

She has been earning her living as an artist since 1980. She has been featured in solo and group shows throughout California, with her work extending into book covers and municipal murals.

Her work has been described as "mysterious narratives...with common objects playing unusual roles, offering tales of strange journeys". The pictorial scenes have been described as land/seascapes of voids and emptiness, the buildings and interiors as surreal. 

"While the still life is my most recurrent subject, it has been said that I turn everything that I paint into a still life. Regenerative themes such as water, gardens, plants and fruit have been my most recent preoccupation. I like to combine bold flat shapes with rounded forms as the cubists did. Color, used provocatively and sensually, is my great joy. I see my work as most often contemplative and quite often playful."



ILONA PETERIS is a Lithuanian-born artist living in California. 

Ilona studied art at UC Berkeley & UCLA.  She was with the Los Angeles Art Association for 28 years and is a member of Women Painters West. 

Her uniquely developed sense of color and composition made her work stand out at Virga Gallery in Laguna Beach, where it was discovered by Cambria Gallery.

Her work has been featured in numerous  gallery and museum exhibits throughout Southern California, as well as Texas, Colorado, Ohio, New York, Lithuania, and Hong Kong. Her work can be found in private & corporate collections in the U.S., France, China, Canada, Australia, Germany & Lithuania.

“I relate to strong colors and images that lead to personal interpretation, reflection, and contemplation.  The Southwest remains a strong influence. Its vibrant colors and distinctive landforms invite abstraction.”



NANCY ROBERTS is an artist living in her native California. 

Nancy got her architecture degree from UC Berkeley. She is known for her bold use of color, dynamic design and inventive, slightly quirky style.  She loves working from life but thinks of reality as just a jumping-off point.

 She enjoys letting a painting unfold with a life of its own, taking unexpected twists and turns and revealing hidden secrets with its own language.  Her crisp lines and joyful color put a fresh new spin on the landscape tradition.

An avid plein air painter, popular art instructor and now retired architect, Nancy is represented by Benicia Plein Air Gallery in Benicia, CA, Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA, and now Cambria Gallery of Art.

"I start by paring a thing down to its essence, then respond to its spirit with energized color and pattern."


PERMANENT EXHIBIT: Virga Siauciunaite

VIRGA SIAUCIUNAITE is a Lithuanian-born artist living in California. 

Virga studied and taught at Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania’s premiere art university. Arriving in California in 1990, she taught at numerous private institutions and exhibited widely, including LACMA. 

Her versatility extends to many media, in each case exhibiting her explosive and intense style. Her favorite subjects are dancing figures, followed by portraits and landscapes.

Featured in 10 museums and  nearly 300 juried solo and group exhibitions, her work can also be found in private & corporate collections in U.S., England, China, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Portugal.

Virga Gallery was a fixture of the Laguna Beach art scene, winning Best Orange County Art Gallery award (HotList 2017). She has recently moved the gallery to her studio among the oaks and boulders of Santa Susana, in Ventura County.

“Every brushstoke is important for me -- light and color and movement. I always seek light. . . Complexity of emotion makes art deep and engaging; this is what I strive to achieve.”



WHEELS OF TIME is an ongoing project of ROGER CANTRELL,  owner of Cambria Gallery of Art .

Roger received his BA and MArch. degrees from UCLA. He is licensed as an architect and certified as an urban planner, and has won numerous awards as an urban design consultant to various cities.

Roger co-owned Virga Gallery, a fixture of the Laguna Beach art scene, winning Best Orange County Art Gallery award (HotList, 2017). He cares a great deal about our culture and the opportunity to showcase worthy artists in celebration of California and our Central Coast in particular. 

On Wheels of Time:

"Supposedly my first word was 'Buick'. That's what my parents told me, so I might as well believe it.

"I was born in the 1950s, a time of soaring optimism expressed in every way. Not the least of that expression came from Detroit, where the wildest dreams of the Space Age somehow ended up on America's driveways and highways. And as far as the designers reached, they usually held it together somehow without descending into chaos. It was a lot for us little kids to take in, and it left a lasting impression on many of us.

"That led me to classic car shows in later years. I found myself gravitating to the windows, to gaze at the dashboards. There, I found another world of design greatness, not nearly as well-documented or familiar as the exteriors.

"I wasn't alone there at the window. Many of us gaze at those incredibly stylized dashes while imagining ourselves driving those cars. Unfortunately, the present day intrudes on the outside of the windshield.

"That sort of thing doesn't happen at Wheels of Time!

"My belief that the dashboards deserved to be presented in the most compelling way possible led me down a long road of car shows, image research, and Photoshop magic. This developed into Wheels of Time, allowing you to 

Drive Into History!

"It is the behind-the-wheel authenticity and variety that define Wheels of Time. I hope that you enjoy discovering, and owning, these vivid scenes and the detailed views of the automotive designers' accomplishments."